Saturday, February 28, 2009

Group vs. Geographic Selection

What are the possible compementarities and/or tradeoffs of selecting regents via established group institutions such as the Academic Senate, employee unions, or UC Student Association, vs. selecting them based on elections based on geographical divisions (say, by existing congressional districts, or open to the entire state)?

Might these two approaches be combined? If so, in which proportions, and which ways?

If groups are enabled to select Regents, which miminum standards should be required for their selection processes?

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  1. I believe minimally, the students of each campus should have a voting member. By this I mean the graduate students and the undergrads as well.

    The cost of college dis proportionally falls on them since they pay the tuition. Since it is a public institution and the tax payers also foot part of the bill, the board should have its membership be Geographically distributed. The City Colleges operate in this manner.

    The number of representatives is a difficult question. One thing for sure, they should not be appointed solely by the Governor. There are no checks and balances to this format.

    Michael Warnken


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